Trouble in paradise! Sisters KhloéOpens a New Window. and Kourtney Kardashian Opens a New Window. butted heads like never before during their family “soul-searching” trip to Bali on the Sunday, April 21, episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Tensions were high from the get-go when Khloé grew increasingly frustrated with Kourtney during the 18-hour flight to their Indonesian getaway. Khloé appeared to have her hands full as she wrangled her newborn, True, along with the rest of the antsy Kardashian children as Kourtney slept for 15 hours of the flight.

After waking up, Kourtney began complaining that her assistant packed the wrong kind of lip gloss and lip liner for the trip. On a jet to her self-described “soul-searching” vacation, Kourtney bizarrely ranted about the makeup bags saying, “I need to have a talk with my assistant when I get back.” When Khloé remarked that she packs her own bags, Kourtney snapped, “I don’t wanna do that stuff myself.”

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