So, since most of us will be giving our best Burt Reynolds eulogies from behind a desk, let’s get real about the one piece of Western wear that looks great on anybody: the classic denim shirt. It’s indigo hues flatter all skin tones, and it’s soft, broken-in feeling is, quite literally, like your favorite pair of jeans that become more and more “you” every time you wear them. Depending on the weight, a denim shirt can be warm enough to throw on as an overshirt with a graphic T-shirt, or light enough to be paired with a blazer and knit tie for a classic, “creative professional” vibe.

These days, it seems, you can even brave the “Canadian tuxedo” (wearing a denim jacket or shirt with a pair of jeans), without reprisal. And what may be best of all, the classic denim shirt is available at a wide enough range of prices to make it truly both egalitarian and highfalutin’ at the same time. Grab one now for the perfect piece to wear as summer turns to fall and temperatures oscillate.

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